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Neon Hitch Tattoos

Neon Hitch the English singer and song writer was born in the year 1986, May 25th. She signed a contract with Ted Mayhem and Mike Skinner label. Later she was discovered by Benny Blanco through MySpace and so he flew to New York for working with him. She earned a record deal with Warner Bro. Records and publishing contract with EMI. Neon has written many hit songs such as Kesha’ “Blah blah blah” etc and more. The gracious lady has won many prestigious awards for her spectacular performances.

Neon Hitch

 Neon has a name tattoo of her sister “Pema” etched on her right arm. It is written in a unique style font. There is a wrist tattoo with word Gypsy, which was a part of her culture she had grown with and it is written in cursive fonts. Later Neon had decorated the gypsy with tiny tattoos of heart, triangle and circle. And on the top is a huge eye tattoo that resembles Egyptian’ symbol of protection. And then she enclosed the entire collection within spiral borders. Neon explained that she was like a gypsy moving from places since her family did not have money. She added, “It was a beautiful lifestyle growing up and getting to see the world.”Neon has inked the name of Amy Winston who was her roommate as finger tattoo and it reads as “AMY”. The sexy singer has added a phrase tattoo along her rib cage and it reads as, “They said I am a dreamer”.

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