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Pamela Anderson Tattoos

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia of Canada in the year 1967 of July 1st. Yes is best known as an actress but she also happens to be a model, author, former showgirl, producer and of course an activist best known for her PETA campaigns. She is still considered as one of the sexiest woman alive and she was considered as a sex symbol as soon as she started acting in the hit series Baywatch as CJ Parker and of course the fact that she was February’s Playmate of the Year in 1990. Although she is now divorced with the famous drummer Tommy Lee, but anything which includes him and her always lands on the headline even now.

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She is one of those celebrities who had a capability of turning what she does in a must follow trend. And the biggest example of this can be explained with her barb wire tattoo on her upper arm. When she did this tattoo immediately everyone was copying her and thus she is the sole reason why Barb wire tattoos became a trend in the 90s. Even now, whenever people search about barb wire, Pamela Anderson always comes up. Besides this, she also has a beautifully design tattoo on her back which goes down to her lower back. She also happens to have a controversial tattoo on her ring finger. First the tattoo spelled “Tommy” but after the divorce she changed it to “Mommy”. There are rumors that as she shared the tattoo needle with her the then husband so that is why she became a victim of Hepatitis C.

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