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Papa Roach Tattoos

Papa Roach is one of the successful rock bands of the United States America. Their origin place is Vacaville, California and their first ever major release was Infest in 2000 which went on to business for triple platinum. They continued this good work and produced another super hit album Love Hate Tragedy in 2002. After that they never stopped and kept on making amazing albums like Getting Away with Murder in 2004, The Paramour Sessions in 2012 etc.

Papa Roach Tattoos


They managed to sell around 20 millions of album copies all over the world. Individual songs which make them more popular are Between Angels and Insects, Scars, Forever, She Loves Me Not, Lifeline, Last Resort and many more.

The frontman of Papa Roach band Jacoby Shaddix has a lovely way to attract the audience. It’s the tattoos that he wears especially in his arms. He has multiple tattoos in his arms including a butterfly tattoo which he never erases.

Jacoby is often found with his right arm fully covered with various artistic tattoos or a big tattoo. During stage programs, rock band members use their hand a lot. This allows them to show off their sensational tattoos to the fans to drive them crazy out of joy.

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