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Pat Badger tattoos

Pat Badger was born in 1967 in Massachusetts of Boston. At the start of his career he worked a bassist but later he joined music band known as Extreme. Extreme band gave him the platform which was really required for him and since then he never looked back. He kept on working for various bands and kept on improving his musical skills and talents every year.

Pat Badger

After getting a lot of popularity while working with Extreme Badger realized that talent should be shown and shown properly not only the musical way but also by showing amazing tattoos to audience. While working with various bands like Super Trans Atlantis, Daemon, Danger Danger and Tribe of Judah etc. he kept on trying various types of tattoos on his body especially in hands.

Pat Badger has been a great bassist and hence he naturally shows his forearm to the audience repeatedly. Hence he opted for a very unique tattoo on his body. This forearm tattoo looks really great whenever he attends stage shows or comes in front of cameras. This tattoo is actually a small boy who is singing. Badger looks himself as that small boy who is extremely passionate about music and singing. This particular tattoo also suggests that whatever may be the situation, how tough situation it can be, he will keep on singing because music is his religion. He has this knack of collecting wonderful tattoos and wears them just before any stage show or live performance.

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