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Paul Wall Tattoo

Paul Michael Slayton famously known as  was born in the year March 11th, 198. He is associated with the Swishahouse Records. The records have been released various albums under the valuable label along with the other rappers. Paul Wall was also singing and releasing albums as a musical partner with rapper Chamillionaire such as ‘Get Ya Mind Correct’. His debut album ‘The Peoples Champ’ ‘Stay True’ and Get Money was released by signing with the Atlantic Records.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall’s tattoos portray a pinch of his personal life and happiness. He has a Texas logo tattoo inked on his right hand which is encircled with an Astros emblem tattoo. There is a huge lettering tattoo depicted on his left forearm that reads as ‘FREEDOM/ Broderick Brown’. This word tattoo resembles some real life happy and rough moments that he had spent while he was staying in his hometown. Paul has his name tattoo enclosed within a padlock and forearm tattoo that says ‘RIP’ and beneath that SWIFT, DUKE, HAWK. Most of his upper arm tattoos portrays his struggle through the rapper’s music world to achieve the heights of success. There is a half full and half empty cup tattoo inked on his left upper arm that shows Wall’s outlook of life with a positive attitude. Paul Wall has etched a microphone tattoo one on each outer part of the arm. He has artistically inked the words FAST LIFE as knuckles tattoo with one alphabet on each knuckle.

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