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Paula Yeats Tattoos

She was born on 24th April 1959 in Colwyn Bay, Wales. Apart from her television career, Paula came into headlines because of her personal life as well. She was married to Geldof after having a 10 years affair in 1986. Paula left Geldof after she met Hutchence and went on marrying him. Paula died on 17th September, 2000 due to overdose of drugs. Paula wrote several books and some of them are, A Tail of Two Kitties, Blondes, People, etc. She also wrote two books on motherhood. She started as a music journalist and wrote for the Record Mirror.


She had inked a Dragon Tattoo on her right upper-forearm. Even though the tattoo was highly unimpressive, she used to carry it off quite well. It was completely her credit to wear such an odd looking tattoo in a very much visible area and still look cool. Dragon tattoos come in different shapes and styles. The word dragon comes from two words, Drakon and Drakein. Drakon means a very big serpant and Drakein means I see clearly. There are different types of dragon tattoos like Chinese, Japanese, European Medieval dragons (German as representative of greed and Ancient Roman) and Tribal dragons. It holds several meanings like wisdom, longitivity, prosperity, strength, power, etc.