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Robert Pattinson Tattoos

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson, the British actor, musician, model and also film producer, was born on the 1986, May 13th. The hot actor started his career as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter and the Gobblet of Fire, and then has captured millions of female hearts across the globe with the Twilight movie. The TIME magazine has named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Pattinson was often awarded as the sexiest man, most handsome man and also richest young man” etc. by media because of his well toned body and wonderful performances.

Robert Pattinson tattoosRobert Pattinson is the sexiest hot young man with charming personality. He loves body art and likes to shows off his wonderful tattoos to the magazine Black Book Magazine. The actor has adorned his arms with various designs. His left arm is scribbled with ink in many little designs that might hold some depth meaning for Pattinson with cherished memories.

The gorgeous looking Twilight star has concentrated his exotic tattoos mostly on his left forearm. There are letters, inscriptions, three dark arrow signs and more. Pattinson also has wrist tattoos flaunting downwards with X sign in his knuckles and O signs in every mid part of his finger on his left arm. Another arm tattoo has the letters ARM written in ink, with cursive style writing. On contrast to his left arm the actor has decorated his right arm with just these letter tattoos that looks prominent and amazing.