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Russell Crowe Tattoos

Born in 7 April, 1964, Russell Crowe is a citizen from New Zealand although he had lived in Australia for most of his life. With the role of Maximus Decimus Meridius in “Gladiator” he rose to fame and also won The Academy award for the Best Actor for this role. He then portrayed the role of John Nash, the famous mathematician in “The Beautiful Mind” which showered him with lots of awards and recognitions as well. There was no turning back then and he had back to back hit films to his name that allowed him to be one of the most handsome looking talented actors in Hollywood.



The left hand tattoo hugging his hands is detailed with black ink that attracts lots of attention. Detailed finely with ink the left hand tattoo is a design that reflects tribal culture. The chest tattoo has a design carved out on his body and his rough and tough look with stubble matched his tattoos and personality as well. The chest tattoo is marked with red ink and has a butterfly design carved out that shows as if a butterfly is wrapped around his chest. He also has other tattoos on his body but these two tattoos attract attention mostly. He had acted in many films after that and his tattoos attracted attention among the mass.

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