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Sandra Taylor Tattoos

Sandra Taylor is a renowned American model who also played small roles in various movies. Born in Westchester, New York, on 26th December 1966, she became famous after posing nude for various magazines. She grabbed the limelight when she was named the Penthouse Pet on month of March in 1991. She also became America’s most selling poster model in 1990. She appeared in a number of movies, some very popular ones like L.A. Confidential, Runaway Bride, The Princess Diaries and many more. She also appeared in a pictorial feature of July edition of Playboy magazine. Greater part of her career has been focused mostly on modeling.

Sandra Taylor TattoosSandra Taylor Tattoos

Being a model, most people expect to see a lot of ink on her body, but unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be very fond of tattoos. She has only one ankle tattoo on her right ankle. The tattoo is an illustration of a tribal bracelet. The tribal tattoo is a display of her bold nature and is a very suitable tattoo for her. Her fans would like to see some more ink on her beautiful body but she might have some personal reasons for not being fond of inking herself and so her fans will have to make do with just one.

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