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Sara Spraker Tattoos

Awell known American model, Sara Spraker was born on March 6, 1979 in San Clemente, California, United States of America.

Blessed with a timeless and extravagant face, she is currently among the top rated models in the world. It is mostly her fetish for tattoos at certain parts of her body that makes her all the more enticing. She has been rated by an online tattoo website at rank of 34 among “the 101 hottest tattooed women in the world”, clearly showing her gorgeous nature.

Sara Spraker Tattoos

Her range of tattoos include a butterfly tattoo in her bikini area, a tribal tattoo on her lower back, a bracelet tattoo on her right wrist and a “s” within her left wrist.

The butterfly tattoo is a delicate small black one which depicts her love for nature. Representing a positive change and transformation within a woman, this is one tattoo that makes her look all the more enticing.

Sara Spraker Tattoos

There is another tribal tattoo, located at the lower back of her body. Its intricacy of design, may look quite simple, but makes a bold statement. There is a heart from which branches like wings are extended giving a liberating feeling.

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