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Sarah Connor Tattoos


The real name of Sarah Connor is Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe. She was born in the year 1980 on 30th of June in the great Hamburg of Germany. She is a well known singer of the genres soul and pop from the year 2001. She is well known for her dancing talents and well as her singing ability for which she quickly became a favorite pop star of many. Besides releasing many great albums and singles, Sarah also starred in two popular reality shows which featured the life of her and her then husband Marc Terenzi who happens to be a famous American rock pop artist.

Sarah Connor

Known for her great personality and her amazing style, Sarah is an icon in many ways and her tattoo is of no expectation. She has a lot of tattoos but her back tattoos are what really stand out. She can be an example of great Chinese symbol tattoo as her full back is covered in Chinese kanji symbols place one after another in a line down her entire spine area. In 1996 she had only the character “peace” below her neck and in 2002 she added Chinese character of “truth” below it. The next six symbols which followed were “Family”, “Music” then “God” after that “Love”, “Energy” and finally “Sun”. These six characters were done in 2004 and in 2008 she added “Woman” and “power”. Besides this tattoo her inner right arm tattoo is quite famous too. It is the first healthy heartbeat of her daughter. The tattoo was beatified by adding the name “Summer” and a colored butterfly with asterisks.

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