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Shawne Merriman Tatoos

Shawne Deandre Merriman is a former American Foot ball player born in the year 1984, May 25th. He played the National Football League in the San Diego, Chargers in which he was a three time Pro Bowl and All Pro selection. He earned numerous titles and awards like the NFL Defensive Rookie of the year. Merriman played last for the Buffalo Bills in the year 2012 and then retired.

Shawne Merriman TatoosShawne Merriman is a lover of body art and the wonderful player has depicted several tattoos in different locations in his body. Merriman has etched an Asian Chinese tattoo decorating his right arm.  Above this Asian body art the player has inked Superman tattoo of the symbol in a fiery form with a banner drawn in between. There is a right forearm tattoo of a hundred bill image depicted beautifully. There is a Celtic cross tattoo etched on his left arm.  Beneath the cross there is a bloody red heart pierced and surrounded by thorns. Another fascinating tattoo that has inspired is the huge piece of art depicted on the inside area of his forearm and it has a large switch board with a switch and a hand is touching the switch to on the lights. However the word tattoo above the switch board reads as “lights out”.  Shawne also has a neck tattoo that is also a word tattoo with meaning “finish strong”. Maybe it is an encouraging quote for the player.