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Slash Tattoos

Saul Hudson popularly known as Slash is an English American songwriter and musician, born in the year 1965, July 23rd.  Saul is well known for being the lead guitarist of the American achieved success globally hard rock band Guns N’ Roses in the late year 1980s and also during the early 1990s. Saul Hudson created the side project Slash’s Snakepit. He is the cofounder of the supergroup Velvet Revolver and also has established himself as a chief performer in the mid of 2000s. He has released double solo albums; Slash in the year 2010, in which he featured the entire stars roster of guest and Apocalyptic Love musicians.


Slash has written the bad boy image inscribed all over his body and every ink on his body holds a special personalized meaning. Some of them are even drawn by him exclusively. There is a caricature sketched as his right bicep tattoo, which is actually a resemblance image of his friend’s mom who does not like the team playing the guitar too loudly. Slash has added a silhouette of a lady holding a gun holster etched as right forearm tattoo. Everybody’s favorite musician has a snakepit tattoo drawn on his left shoulder. There are name tattoos placed in different areas such as his son ‘London’s name as lower back tattoo, another son ‘Cash’ inked as abdomen tattoo and across his right forearm Slash has sketched a rose tattoo and his wife’s name ‘Perlita’.

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