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Sophie Anderton Tattoos

Sophie Louise Anderton or Sophie Anderton by which she is known worldwide, was born in the year 1977 of 14th May. This British model was born in Bristol of England and attended the Redland High School for Girls there. She had a very traumatic childhood as she was in a car accident which required about 4 years to get better and during this time she had 18 operation done on her. She was victim of hateful attacks on her image when she did the Gossard Glossies advertisement as later on it was found out that out of 321 complaints most people have not even seen the advertisement. But the real reason why she became a household name is the fact that she was a contestant on the well known reality show Big Brother.



Her tattoo is one of the most talked about tattoo of all time mainly because how it is drawn. At first she had only a bid of paradise tattoo on her back just below her neck. But later on she added a lotus on the lower back and tiny flames rising from the lotus and joining the bird of paradise. There are some people who suggest that it is from the bird from which the flame goes down to meet the lotus. But whatever the case is, everyone likes her tattoo every much. The uniquely drawn bird of paradise, beautifully drawn lotus, clearly understandable symbol inside the lotus and of course the strategically placed flames makes her tattoo stand out without any doubt.

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