Stormy Daniels Tattoos

Stormy Daniels Tattoo

Stormy Daniels was born on the 17th of March 1979 and is known to her fans as Stormy Waters or just Stormy. She was crowned the number 1 adult entertainer by the Genesis Top 100 and also as the New Queen of X of the illustrious Penthouse magazine. She has appeared in quite a few magazines namely the High Society, FHM, the GQ, Playboy, Hustler and etc.Stormy Daniels appeared in the music video “Wakeup call” as the sexy poll dancer and also was seen the movie “The 40 year old virgin” along with the chief protagonist Steve Carell.  Stormy was also included in the AVN Hall of Fame on 18th Jan 2014 .

Stormy Daniels Tattoo

Stormy Daniels also takes a certain interest in tattoos. She has three tattoos on three different parts of her body namely the left wrist, right wrist and back neck. Though all of them are special to her, her personal favorite is the one which is on the right wrist underline. The tattoo depicts some sort of a Thai symbol. The color of the tattoo is black and really goes by the beautiful sleek arms. Miss Daniels on asking has said that the tattoo is very lucky for her.


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