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Sylvester Stallone tattoos

Sylvester Gardezio Stallone is a hot American actor, film director and screenwriter is famous for his exclusive action roles in Hollywood. His Rocky Balboa and John Rambo are two notable characters as a boxer and soldier respectively that have huge fans until this day. He is a multi talented artist with excellent successful career in every venture. This action hero was born in the year 1946, July 16th. He was the third person to be nominated for the same movie for Best screenplay and Best actor.

Sylvester-Stallone-TattoosIn recent years this wonderful actor has been sporting tattoos all over his body. This is in a way to conceal those bruises and scars obtained by the star during his action packed career experiences. The first piece of body art of Stallone was a portrait tattoo of Jennifer Flavin his third wife along with three roses tattoo as a tribute to his three dear darling daughters, which were visible in his movie Expendables. This right arm tattoo was depicted by the extraordinary tattoo artist Mike DeVries, the owner of MD Tattoos located in the Northridge, California. This portrait tattoo was inked on July 2007. Within the portrait there are three colorful roses – one red, one purple and one gold exclusively. He celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with Flavin by adorning her image over his body. The Rambo expanded this tattoo later in the year 2008 with a tiger tattoo and more. On the left shoulder Stallone has eyes designed on the chest along with some sort of large picture flaunting his upper arm. And inked down Stallone’ spine is the back tattoo of a huge dagger piercing through a heart that was set in blazing fire.