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Travis Barker Tattoos

Travis Landon Barker an American producer and musician, born in the year 1975 November 14th is an extraordinary artist. Barker has performed as a collaborator with various hip hop artists and with other rap groups like The Transplants, Band +44 and more, in an exclusive manner. He frequently performed with the late DJ AM and they had formed a fusion a DJ AM. Aside from being a superstar drummer he has also excelled as a business icon.

travis-barker-performsTravis is almost covered with tattoos all over his body and his love for body art has never ceased and the numbers are still increasing. He has carved these exotic tattoos with multiple symbols and designs. Travis has huge collections of tattoos that portray his life as a document and the star drummer’s passion in ink. The musician has painted his torso with multiple etchings. There is a banner tattoo that reads “Can I Say”, which is the title of Dag Nasty’s first album. There are more neck tattoos with wonderful designs. Travis has inked beautiful colorful flowers tattoo on the right side on his neck. The master blasting drummer has a back tattoo of a word “Hope’ written in prominent black ink and bold font. There is a stereo system tattooed on his stomach. This is an encouraging tattoo that was a tribute to his mother after her death. Travis ha portrayed his love for cars by painting his throat with racing flag tattoo along with a sexy flap girl and the Cadillac emblem and also a Cadillac letter tattoo on his side. There are plenty of luck charm tattoos depicted on both the arms, which throws light on his belief.

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