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Tuva Novotny tattoos

Tuva Moa Karolina Novotny Hedström is a singer and actress of Swedish origin who was born in the Stockholm. However her upbringing was in a place called Åmotsfors just outside of Arvika. She is the daughter of a respected Swedish film director and her mother was an actress. Her debut film was Tic Tac in the year 1997 and she did some brilliant work in movies like Sleepwalker, Naken, Make Believe, Midsummer, Day and Night, Waiting for Rain, Four Weeks in June, Stratosphere Girl, Stoned, All it takes is a miracle and others. She is most celebrated for her work in Eat Pray Love.

Tuva Novotny tattoos  Tuva Novotny tattoos

Tuva Novotny sports and elegant and beautiful strip tattoo on her arm. It sort of looks like a band worn around the arm and gives an edgy look to her personality. She is smart and elegant and the tattoo she has highlights her being making her seem more flexible, rebellious and suave. The arm tattoo if analysed closely is a strip of different and abstract designs which make a whole design. It is detailed yet not too clustered. It is perfect and matches her in a wonderful way. It is a lovely option for those wishing to get tattoos. It stands out and shows a dominating and self-assured perspective.

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