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Umaga Tattoos

Edward Eddie Smith Fatu popularly known as Umaga the wrestler was a Samoan American professional wrestler who was born in the year 1973 March 28 and has died on December 2009 when he was just 36 years old. Fatu was well known with his ring names Umaga and Jamal. He appeared at the Wresting Entertainment and World Wrestling Fedration respectively during the 2000s. He was a proud member of the Anoa’I wrestling family and often worked along as a team with diverse names. Fatu remained undefeated for several months on the Raw brand almost whole 2006 and later was defeated at the WWE International Championship first time and later during the 2007 he won the title. This wonderful wrestler died due to heart attack.


Umaga’s body is almost entangled within those tribal tattoos. He has a dark boxed tribal design depicted as his right arm tattoo, which was complimented every time of his triumph entrance in to the ring. Another wonderful etching is his forearm tattoo as a dedication to his loving cousin Yokozuna, which reminds of his Samoan tradition. He has the letter tattoo on his stomach that reads as Samoa. The neck breaking wrestler has more tribal designs decorating his both the forearms that spreads as wrist tattoos as well. However his face tattoo was not a permanent ink but a fake one drawn by Fatu in order to enhance his ferocious image.

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