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Uncle Kracker Tattoos

Mathew Shafer the American rock musician born in the year 1974, June 6th is well known by his stage name Uncle Kracker. He has released few single albums that include, Drift Away, Smile, Follow Me and more. Initially his numbers were in rap rock base and later releases turned out to be more of country rock type. Shafer has been in relationship with his childhood sweetheart Melanie Haas and they married on 1998. The couple is blessed with three lovely daughters.

Uncle Kracker

 The musician Uncle Kracker has been in love with his name Kracker since it was the name recognized by the people and which gave him fame. As a dedication to this he has a name tattoo. Yes, the singer has his name Kracker inked as forearm tattoo. It is written outside the right forearm and is in huge letters outline and the name Kracker seems to be within blazing fire. Above this etching Shafer has a tribal armband tattoo inked. This is wrapped around his well toned right bicep. There is yet another tribal design tattoo on his left forearm but is smaller than the other designs. Cracker has inked another name tattoo of the guy called Joe who had tattooed him. There is a cartoonish skull tattoo drawn on his right forearm. Since Kracker is from Detroit he has the alphabet tattoo of the letter D and also the chemical symbol for gold AU, to remind him to always remain gold.

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