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Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Victoria Caroline Beckham was born to Anthony William Adams and Jacqueline Doreen in the year 1974, April 17th, in the Princess Alexandra Hospital located in Harlow. She is a successful iconic model and has created exotic collections of fragrances, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags and more. Beckham has directed TV documentation and released two exquisite literary editions as well. She dated the football player David Beckham and they both married in the year 1999 July 4th and the couple is blessed with four cute children.

victoria-beckhamVictoria Beckham is passionate about tattoos and has inked all over her body just like her loving husband. She is addicted to create several wrist tattoos most of them portrayed her immeasurable love for David Beckham. The lady love has also inked beautiful inscriptions tattoos around her neck and up her back.

Victoria Beckham has depicted wonderful tattoos as a loving tribute for her husband and three sons, which she had drawn with three bright star tattoos. She has more than dozen tattoos decorating her whole body. She has inked the DB the name of her sweetheart and the roman numerals 10 on her wrists in order to celebrate their anniversary.

But most amazing tattoo of all tattoo designs, is the one which reveals the depth of her love for her husband David Beckham, is the inscriptions tattoo in Hebrew language that she had inked down her spine. This is noticeable and it means “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” in Hebrew. The magic of ecstasy can be experienced when we know that the same phrases have been tattooed by David Beckham himself in his forearm.

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