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Viggo Mortenson Tattoos

Viggo Peter Mortenson, Jr the Danish – American poet, actor, musician, painter and photographer, was born in the year 1958, October 20th. He started his career from the thriller film Witness by Peter Weir in the year 1985 and from then it was no turning back for this fantastic actor. He has acted in several movies such as Crimon Tide, Daylight, The Indian Runner, The Portrait of a Lady, A walk on the Moon, 28 Days, A Perfect Murder, The Fellowship of the rings, and G. I. Jane exclusively. Apart from acting career he has passion for other artistic desires such as poetry, photography, arts, and music.

Viggo Mortenson

The most notable ink of Viggo Mortenson is his left bicep tattoos that comprises of letters V-E-H written within a bleeding heart tattoo. V represents Viggo E means Exene his ex-wife and his son Henry’s name with the alphabet H. Monterson has etched the letter H as wrist tattoo. This was the time when his dear son was learning and practicing to write alphabets. Once Henry wrote the letter H on Monteraon’s wrist and he did not rub it but got it permanently to stay on his body forever. The actor has a shoulder tattoo of the word nine in Elvish writing that was done along with nine other actors. There is a hip tattoo of black crescent moon, barbed wire tattoo, celestial cross tattoo, skull tattoo and more.

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