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Wayne Rooney Tattoos

Wayne Mark Rooney the British Football player, born in the year 12985, October 24th is playing for the Manchester United and also the England National Team extensively. When Rooney was nine years old he joined the Everton team and at the age of 16 he made his debut for them. After spending two seasons at the Merseyside club he moved on to Manchester United during 2004 summer for £25.6 million. On that year Rooney got a nickname of “Wazza”. He played for the team while they won five times the Premier League and once the UEFA Champions League. Rooney soon became the fourth highest goal scorer of all time and was awarded various prestigious awards for his excellent performances.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney has a forearm tattoo that portrays the wonderful player’s confidence in his ability to win even though he lacks basic GSCE education. The word tattoo reads as “Just enough education to perform.” It is written and placed within a painting of a peeled skin that is enclosed with stitches. There is a shoulder tattoo of St. George’s flag and a flag within which the excited words are engraved. And it reads as, “English and proud,” thus showcasing his enormous patriotism to the world. There is a back tattoo of clasped praying hands along with two spread angelic wings. This awesome tattoo is a dedication to Rooney’s son Kai. The Football player also has Celtic cross tattoo gorgeously inked on his right arm.

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