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Zayn Malik Tattoos

Zain Javadd Malik was born in the year 1993, January 12th in West Lane, Baildon, England. He is a blend of British and Pakistani descent. He has three sisters and completed his studies at the Tong High School. In the year 2010 Zayn audityioned for The X Factor series and got selected. And then the hot artist was signed a contract with the Syco Music and 1D team released their first debut album Up All Night, which took him to peak of fame.

Zyan Malik TattoosZany Malik has numerous tattoos adorning his body in an incredible way. There is no stop sign for his body art and it is increasing with speed. Let us explore few of those amazing tattoos. First etching done by the One Direction star is his grandfather’s name tattoo that is inked on the right side of his chest. It is in Arabic language and translated as Walter. He has a Yin Yang symbol as his left wrist tattoo. This is a Chinese symbol that denotes a perfect balance between the forces of life. There is a crossed finger tattoo on his forearm, which represents good luck charm.  Zayn has deck of cards depicted as rib cage tattoo and is placed on the right side of his chest. Within the cards is a tiny name tattoo located in the middle, which is his initial written as –ZN. There is a right elbow tattoo of a small jig saw puzzle and there is a Chinese symbol for “Born Lucky” tattooed initially, which was covered later by the artist with a large heart tattoo. Zayn has a neck tattoo of silver fern, which is the national symbol of New Zealand and also with the meaning Good Luck. He has a collarbone tattoo with phrases “Be True to who you are.” The hot 1D singer has a huge microphone etched as right forearm tattoo. Zayn has tattooed his sweetheart Perrie’s image on his right arm.

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