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Alyssa Milano Tattoos

Alyssa Jayne Milano is an American actress, former singer and film producer, was born in the year 1972, December 19th. The gorgeous actress started her career from the Broadway show Annie. And she started doing regular shows on the ABC Sitcom series “who’s the boss?” as Samantha Micelli and also featured as Phoebe Halliwell on the Charmed supernatural series. Multitalented Alyssa also has her own women apparel cloth line – Touch. She is married to David Bugliari and has a beautiful son Milo Thomas Bugliari.

alyssa_milanoMilano has amazing tattoo collection that are unique and in a way religiously knotted too. The placement of the inspiring tattoos is done with care by the actress in order to compliment her clothing. She has a rosary tattoo depicted on her right side of the upper shoulder blades and this shows her deep connection to the beads of prayer.

Milano has a neck tattoo that cpomprises of the Buddhist symbol for HUM, which can be interpreted to the symbol of depth and richness of unity and wisdom. This neck tattoo denotes to the popular Buddhist mantra that is chanted as, ‘Om mani padme hum’. She has a left wrist tattoo of the word ‘OM’ representing a Buddhist religion symbol. On both the inner side of the wrists Milano has two varied symbols; exclusively on the left wrist is the OM symbol that is a magical word chanted in various religions.

On the right wrist she inked ouroboros. This is a snake tattoo that shows a snake biting its tail, which portrays the circular flow of things under the sun in every person’s life from birth to death. Milano also have an ankle tattoo of an angel and the initials of her ex flame. She has an exotic rose tattoo with fascinating red petals and green leaves. Milano also have a stomach tattoo of a beautiful fairy kneeling on grass and flowers. The sexy actress also adorned her back tattoo with a sacred heart symbol exclusively.

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