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Hollywood Actors | January 16, 2015

Ethan Embry Tattoos

 Ethane Embry is a good actor and did many American films. Also he belongs from an educated and talented family.

Male Musicians | May 15, 2014

Tommy Lee Tattoos

Tommy Lee the Rock Star shall be considered as the most inked celebrity in the universe, since his body is almost covered with excellent tattoo collections.

Female Musicians | March 3, 2014

Adele Tattoos

Adele the sexy singer is different in her style. She has chic and cute tattoos that look gorgeous on her body.

Female Models | March 2, 2014

Malin Akerman Tattoos

Malin Akerman the stunning beauty has cute tattoos adorning her gorgeous body and it is pleasure to explore.

Hollywood Actors | March 1, 2014

Pete Doherty Tattoos

Pete Doherty the enchanting singer has inspiring collections of tattoos that resembles the personality of this awesome performer.

Female Musicians | February 27, 2014

Naya Rivera Tattoos

Naya Rivera the sexy American singer and actress have elegant tattoos adorning her body in an exclusive manner.

Hollywood Actresses | February 22, 2014

Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie is yet another beautiful actress with an obsession for the elegant art of tattooing. She has many amazing tattoos adorning all over her sexy body.

Hollywood Actresses | February 20, 2014

Alyssa Milano Tattoos

Alyssa Milano is a wonderful American actress and has several tattoos decorating all over her body and each one of it holds deep religious and life meaning.

Female Models | February 20, 2014

Katie Price Tattoos

The glamour doll Katie Price is not only admired for her sexy curvy body but also her exotic body art collections that make her look attractive and desirable.

Female Musicians | February 19, 2014

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Christina Aguilera, the American singer started her first audition on 1989 and since then she never looked back. She is having a great career and has huge numbers of fan who are crazy about her singing and fashion.

Hollywood Actresses | February 19, 2014

Audrina Patridge Tattoos

Audrina Patridge is a fine actress from USA who made her debut in 2005 and since then she has been staying in million peoples’ hearts. She is well known for her versatility and fashion especially wearing stylish tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | February 8, 2014

Chris Brown Tattoos

Chris Brown who is famously known as Breezy has an awesome addiction for body art and has massive collections of exotic tattoos all over his skin.