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Tommy Lee Tattoos

Thomas Lee Bass the Greek born American musician, born in the year 1962, October 3rd is a man of confidence and controversies. He was amongst the founding member of the heavy metal band – the “Motley Crue”. He is the exotic drummer for this band for many years. Lee also has formed his own separate solo band “Methods of Mayhem”. He is a lover boy and has married the model Elaine Starchuk, actresses Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

Tommy Lee

It is really hard to identify the exact number of tattoos decorating the well toned body of Tommy Lee, since the collections is ever increasing each year with fresh new addition. However let us discuss most prominent few that are special and attractive. Lee has depicted the name of his dear kids – Dylan and Brandon as wrist tattoos. Tommy has inked several designs of inscriptions and the huge word tattoo that reads “MAYHEM” is tattooed on his stomach area right above the belly.

There is also a Hindu symbol tattoo design that denotes ‘awareness” and below that is a beautiful lotus flower tattoo. There are amazing neck tattoos of tribal design and on the left side there is intoxicating lip tattoo. Lee has a forearm tattoo of a skull wearing a hat and a head of dragon tattoo on the biceps extensively.

Tommy show cased his softer side by inking a white daisy flower tattoo on the shoulder and two stars tattoo on his hands. Best part of the body art is his huge tribal design depicted all over as back tattoo. There is a chest tattoo of huge tribal lions each on one side of the chest. The list of tattoos is long and it needs a separate dictionary for exploring through his tattooed body.

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