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Female Models | April 20, 2016

Catherine McNeil Tattoos

Catherine McNeil, a shining name in the Australian fashion platform, has gradually touched the fame.

Hollywood Actresses | April 16, 2016

Leighton Meester Tattoos

Leighton Meester is a popular actor- pop star best known for Gossip Girl.

Female Models | December 26, 2015

Lisa Faulkner tattoos

Lisa Faulkner is a very good Hollywood actress, with lots of talent inside. She has got a tattoo of flower on her body and also her body is well shaped like that of a model.

Female Models | June 15, 2015

Shannyn Sossamon Tattoos

Shannyn Sossamon is an American musician, dancer, actress, model and a DJ. She has three tattoos, one on her lower back and the remaining two on both shoulder backs.

Female Models | June 6, 2015

Cameron Diaz Tattoos

An American actress, model and producer, Cameron Diaz has a beautiful flower tattoo on her hand and dragon tattoos allover the legs.

TV Personalities | April 17, 2015

Rachel Perry Tattoos

The lovely lady Rachel Perry is a spectacular VH1 anchor having an amazing way to express. She likes tattoos and she has three tattoos at waist height on both sides.

Fashion Designer | February 9, 2015

Mary-Kate Olsen Tattoo

Mary Kate and her tattoo, Tattoos of Mary KateMary Kate Olsen and her tattoo.

Male Musicians | February 3, 2015

Ryan Shuck Tattoos

Ryan Shuck is a guitarist, vocalist and a composer. He is a member of a rock band named “Orgy”. He is also famous for his cool tattoos.

Hollywood Actresses | June 26, 2014

La La Anthony Tattoos

La La Anthony the gorgeous looking artist has artistic collection of enchanting feminine tattoos on her body.

Female Models | June 24, 2014

Frances Bean Cobain Tattoos

Frances Bean the dear daughter of rock star parents looks gorgeous with her exotic tattoos that are inked as permanent accessory.

Female Musicians | June 13, 2014

Melissa Marie Green Tattoos

The Millionaires pop girl Melissa Maries Green has adorned her flawless body with colorful dazzling tattoos in attractive designs.

Hollywood Actresses | June 10, 2014

Jenny McCarthy Tattoos

The multi talented Jenny McCarthy has adorned her sexy body with unique tattoo collections and she looks dazzling with them.