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Cameron Diaz Tattoos

Cameron Diaz was born in 30th August, 1972 and is an awesome actress, model and producer. She rose to fame with some of her best films where she was praised for her natural acting skills. Her “Charlie’s Angels” was a hugely popular series that had number of fan followings. Cameron Diaz was nominated for The Golden Globe Awards owing to her excellent acting skills in “Being John Malkovich”. Not only that “Vanilla Sky”, “Gangs of New York”. She was presented with the Best Lead Actress award for these films.

Cameron Diaz Tattoos

Tattoos Designs as Body Art

She is herself very beautiful and has tattoos hugging her right arm and her legs. The flower tattoo on her right arm shows small flowers inked with detail. The dragon tattoo that hugs her legs has detailed craftsmanship of dragons and skulls that focus upon her daring nature as well. She also has tattoos done on her whole body that has designs very unique and weird and with that she posed for a magazine as well. Her tattoos created a huge mass attraction, especially the tattoo with dragon and skull painted on her right leg has multicolour inked with it to give it a glamorous look. Many fans had then tried these tattoos on themselves as it became a hit among the girls mainly.

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