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Bai Ling Tattoos

Bai Ling is the Chinese born American actress who is well known for her spectacular acting skills. She became a global actress and gained more recognition from the movie The Crow, Wild Wild West and Red Corner. Ling has also excelled in television series like Lost and Entourage. She can talk both Mandarin and English fluently. She has also acted in various Chinese movies. Then he came to United States of America in the year 1991 and from then have casted in different types of American films, which enabled her to achieve heights of fame.

Bai Ling

Bai Ling is a wonderful lady with love for tattooing. The dazzling actress has showcased her admiration for body art by inking various temporary tattoos all over her body and has shot pictures. But Bai has couple of real tattoos decorating her sexy body in an excellent way. The Chinese actress has a huge cheetah tattoo drawn on her lower back. The cheetah is colored yellow with black dots all over. The back tattoo looks amazing since the cheetah seems to be running fast across fiercely. The cheetah looks elegantly placed and covers her sleek back. There is a tiny red rose flower tattoo inked in front of it on her right hip, which looks like being chased by the cheetah. Bai also possibly said to have an intimate tattoo on the front lower hip. She also has foot tattoo of stars sizzling in black ink.

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