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Male Musicians | April 24, 2016

Brian McKnight tattoos

An American by birth, McKnight is a famed Rhythm and Blues songwriter, singer and musician.

Male Musicians | April 23, 2016

A.J. McLean Tattoos

A.J. McLean is known to be the member of the boy band named Backstreet Boys.

Male Musicians | April 19, 2016

John McVie Tattoos

John McVie is a famous guitarist, who has drawn different types of tattoos on his body.

Male Musicians | February 13, 2016

Daniel Johns Tattoos

Daniel Johns is an Australian musician who is as much known for his exquisite body art as his songs. His tattoos include a tiger on his spinal cord and left arm has a scorpion.

Male Musicians | February 6, 2016

Shooter Jennings Tattoos

Well-known American singer Shooter Jennings has a great zeal for tattoos which is proved with variants of tattoo designed all over his body.

Male Musicians | January 23, 2016

Drew Lachey tattoos

The tattoo sported by celebrity singer Drew Lachey will be put under the scanner in this article. The tattoo as well as its meaning will be deciphered here.

Male Musicians | January 9, 2016

Aaron Neville Tattoos

Aaron Neville is a musician and singer who are influenced by Cajun and other sources. He sports tattoos on his arms and his face depicting Jesus’ cross.

Male Musicians | January 3, 2016

Eros Ramazzotti tattoos

Eros Ramazzotti is an Italian musician and singer he is very popular for his music and sports two tattoos one is a calligraphy one and the other is abstract.

Hollywood Actors | December 28, 2015

Tyler Riggs Tattoos

Tyler Riggs is a successful model as well as a musically oriented artist and actor. He sports two tattoos one is a picture and the other a musical tattoo.

Male Musicians | December 27, 2015

Brad Roberts Tattoos

Brad Roberts is the lead singer of a folk band called Crash Test Dummies of Canada and has two tattoos one of a heart and one of a snake.

Male Musicians | December 17, 2015

Keith Flint tattoos

Keith is a very popular singer and has got a band name the prodigy. Keith has got many tattoos in his body, which is big enough and defines his personality.

Male Musicians | December 10, 2015

Stevie Ray Vaughan and his peacock tattoo

Stevie Ray Vaughan, a sensational singer, record producer, songwriter and musician is perhaps America’s one of all time bests. The peacock tattoo that he used to have on his chest is quite well known as well.