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Male Musicians | February 7, 2014

Lil Wayne Tattoos

Lil Wayne is an American rapper who can be considered as the Topper and Winner of Celebrity Tattoo collections with his 100+ body arts decorating his body.

Female Musicians | February 7, 2014

Selena Gomez Tattoos

Selena Gomez the Bieber girl is an enchanting singer and this young lady has some fascinating tattoo collection over her body.

Hollywood Actors | February 6, 2014

Jamie Fox Tattoos

Jamie Fox is an Academy winning artist who performs extremely well with his exquisite styles. This Hollywood heartthrob has captured millions of hearts with his extraordinary tattoos.

Female Musicians | February 6, 2014

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos`

Evan Rachel Wood is a sexy looking American actress and singer who loves body art and has embarked beautiful tattoos that resembles some sweet deep memories.

Female Models | February 6, 2014

Amanda Seyfried Tattoos

Amanda Seyfried is an iconic model and actress who has been successful in her career. This wonderful actress has stirred more interest with her abnormal tattoo.

Hollywood Actors | February 4, 2014

Robert Pattinson Tattoos

The Twilight heart throb Robert Pattinson is not only music lover but also obsessed with gorgeous tattoos, which he has done all over his body.

Hollywood Actors | February 4, 2014

Ryan Gosling Tattoos

Ryan Gosling is the Canadian actor who loves to adorn himself with exotic body art tattoos. Every design he chose has depth of treasured meanings in a memorable way.

Hollywood Actors | February 1, 2014

Joel Madden Tattoos

Joel Madden the leading vocalist for “Good Charlotte” the pop punk band is also has diverse talents such as record producer, DJ and actor and also Goodwill Ambassador in UNICEF eventually. Joel Madden is almost covered with religious and diverse natured tattoos for which we would require a separate chapter, to read them one by one in detail version.

Female Musicians | February 1, 2014

Pink Tattoos

Alecia Moore is a rock star called as Pink is a gorgeous rock star who entered in to this field of music with passionate desires from her tender age. Pink is obsessed with awesome tattoo collections and the rock star is body art idol for millions of hearts.

Female Musicians | February 1, 2014

Taryn Manning Tattoos

Taryn Manning is American fashion iconic designer, a gorgeous actress, and singer cum song writer. She ignites sexiness from her state of mind and reveals it through her multi-talented personality and her amazing tattoos.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Franka Potente Tattoos

Franka Potente is a German singer and film actress who is charming with her personality and smile. She is not only famous for her enchanting performance but also her choice of tattoo that decorates her sexy body.

Female Musicians | January 31, 2014

Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Avril Lavigne is the Canadian singer with enchanting voice has embarked a wonderful reality image to her fans. She is also a lover of body art, and has several amazing tattoos, which are mostly small.