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Boxer | June 14, 2016

Jens Pulver Tattoos

Jens Pulver is an American martial artist and is widely popular among his fans for the attractive fighting.

Basketball | May 26, 2016

Scottie Pippen Tattoos

There is hardly any basketball fan that is unaware of the name of Scottie Pippen.

Basketball | May 25, 2016

Paul Pierce Tattoos

Paul Pierce is one of the many sport personalities who love to show off their tattoos.

Sports Star | May 23, 2016

Mark Philippoussis Tattoos

Among the many Australian tennis stars, Mark Philippoussis is a name to reckon.

Swimming | February 16, 2016

Anastasia Davydova Tattoos

Gold winning Russian swimmer Anastasia Davydova has a tremen dousob session for tattoos which in case symbolized by the butterfly tattoos on her back.

Swimming | February 5, 2016

Cesar Castro Tattoos

What is regarded as the real passion, dedication and tendency to achieve the goal? Find out this answer with César Castro’s Olympic rings tattoo.

Football | January 24, 2016

Vinnie Jones Tattoos

Tattoo mania has moved an actor cum formal footballer Vincent Peter Jones as he has undergone numbers of eye-catchy tattoos on his body.

TV Personalities | January 12, 2016

Steve Austin Tattoo

He is a man, who is very much famous all over the world. He is known mainly from the wrestling, a huge body with lots of talents. He has also got a tattoo.

Wrestling | December 30, 2015

William Regal Tattoos

William Regal is a famous professional wrestler who has won many fights and has two tattoo one on his arm and the other on his leg.

Football | December 12, 2015

Gregory van der Wiel Vanishing Tattoo

Gregory van der Wiel is an extremely talented footballer of the Dutch origin. Other than his passion for the game, he also has a great deal of passion as far as tattoos are concerned.