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Chris Andersen Tattoos

Christopher Claus Andersen or Chris Andersen was born on July 7th in the year 1978 in Long Beach, California of United States of America but it was in Iola, Texas where he grew up. He is 6 feet and 10 inch tall and weighs 245 lbs which makes him perfect for the game of basketball and his playing style on the court provides that he is in the right profession. Other than his talents and lots of controversies and rumours, he is very well known for his large collection of tattoos which is placed all over his body. He also happen to be an activist and he was the poster boy for the campaign “Ink not Mink” of PETA.



He started his career in NBA from the year 1999 and during this time he was barely tattooed compared to now. After facing a ban, he came back in 2007-08 to the basketball court as a new person mentally and physically too as now he was showing off a whole lot of tattoo and the most prominent one was the skull tattoo which had a crown on his arm. This tattoo of Chris is beautifully drawn and colored, the shading work is done in such a fashion that the tattoo stands out. But out of the many tattoos the most talked about tattoo have to be the two wings tattoos which he has under his two arms. Needless to say that this beautifully colored tattoo is a favourite of many and every one of his fans says that this tattoo represents his nickname “Birdman”. His love for tattoo is not going to go away any time soon and everyone is quite happy with that.

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