CM Punk Tattoos

CM Punk is the ring name of Philip Jack “Phil” Brooks who was born in the year 1978 on 26th of October. It was in the year 1999 when he made his debut but in 2014 he retired from WWE. As he has a vast fan following, so not many think that he will not competing permanently. There have been speculations that we will make a comeback in UFC. CM Punk gained instant stardom when he became the only modern WWE wrestler to hold the World Championship title for the longest time, 434 days to be exact. CM Punk is an inspiration for many as he believes in living a straight edge life meaning no consumption of drugs and alcohol.

CM Punk Tattoos


This straight edge lifestyle is a very big part of this life as this first tattoo was about this kind of lifestyle only. CM Punk’s first tattoo was on his right and left knuckles and read “Drug” and “Free”. He said that all his tattoos are very special to him and have deep meaning including this letter tattoo. He says that it is a reminder to himself and as well as other to have a drug free lifestyle. He is never shy to flaunt this tattoo of his. Yes, he is almost covered in ink what his most famous tattoo would have to be the symbol tattoo which he has on his left shoulder. The shoulder tattoo is of the logo of a very cold drinks brand, Pepsi. This is the thirds tattoo which he got and he loves it and so does his fans, when asked what prompted him to ink the logo of Pepsi he simply said that he likes drinking it.

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