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TV Personalities | January 12, 2016

Steve Austin Tattoo

He is a man, who is very much famous all over the world. He is known mainly from the wrestling, a huge body with lots of talents. He has also got a tattoo.

Wrestling | December 30, 2015

William Regal Tattoos

William Regal is a famous professional wrestler who has won many fights and has two tattoo one on his arm and the other on his leg.

Wrestling | November 27, 2015

Kid Dash Tattoos

Kid Dash has worked his way up to a successful wrestler competing and participating in the biggest television boxing shows. He falunts bold and attractive tattoos on his arm.

Wrestling | November 20, 2015

Billy Kidman Tattoos

Billy Kidman is a former professional American wrestler who later turned into a wrestling producer. He flaunts two tattoos, one near his navel and the other one on his calf.

Sports Star | February 7, 2015

Billy Gun Rose Tattoo

Billy Gunn in spite of being an American WWE wrestler is also famous for his eccentric tattoos which he has carved on both legs.

Hollywood Actors | January 31, 2015

Kevin Nash Tattoos

Kevin Nash is an American specialized boxer and performer. And also he is famed for his unconventional tattoos which he has imprinted on hands.

Hollywood Actors | January 18, 2015

Edge Tattoos

Edge or the Rated R Superstar is a persona of style and his tattoos is no different too.

Hollywood Actors | January 8, 2015

Wade Barrett Tattoos

Wade Barrett is a new WWE Superstars who are making waves. He is known for his tattoos too.

Hollywood Actors | January 7, 2015

The Undertaker Tattoos

The phenomenon that is the Undertaker of the WWE is very well known for his taste in tattoos

Wrestling | January 7, 2015

Rey Mysterio Tattoos

Rey Mysterio is known for creating history. One can tell that he loves tattoos just by looking at him.