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Edge Tattoos

Edge Tattoos

Even though most know him as Edge or The Rated R Superstar in WWE but these are the ring names, this professional wrestler’s real name is Adam Joseph Copeland and he happens to be from Orangeville, Ontario of Canada. Edge was born in the year 1973 on October 30th and it was the year 1992 when he became active in the field of wrestling. Known for Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches he along with this childhood friend Christian brought an era in the entertainment wrestling world which is yet to surpass. Even though he had to leave the wrestling world due to a serious neck injury, his popularity is still intact and he is still a fan favorite.

Edge Tattoo

Known for his charismatic looks and larger than life style, it was very natural that everything Edge did made the headlines and so his tattoos also gained the attention of the headlines only. He has many tattoos on his body and he said in an interview that all his tattoos are a representation of a certain phases in his wrestling career. Out of his many tattoos his most famous tattoo would have to be the shoulder tattoo which he has on his left shoulder. The tattoo is a sun tattoo and it actually covered his first tattoo. This tattoo is beautifully drawn and unique just like Edge. His right shoulder tattoo is also a talk of the town. It is basically three stars which are colored in black and red outline. These three star tattoos are very close tom Edge and he even said that he really loves the look of it.

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