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Boxer | June 14, 2016

Jens Pulver Tattoos

Jens Pulver is an American martial artist and is widely popular among his fans for the attractive fighting.

Female Models | May 5, 2015

Rebecca Loos tattoos

Model Rebecca Loos who claimed to be David Beckham’s ‘alternate wife’ while he was in Madrid likes to keep it equally controversial when it comes to tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | April 16, 2015

Simon Pegg Tattoos

Simon Pegg, a very talented person and completely dedicated to film industry, loves to have tattoos especially on his arms and loves to show them off while in action

Female Musicians | February 9, 2015

Jo O’Meara Tattoos

Jo O’Meara is an English song writer and singer who has as many as 6 tattoos on her body.

Hollywood Actresses | February 4, 2015

Chimène van Oosterhout Tattoos

Chimène van Oosterhout is a Dutch actress and a very popular person for her body tattoo.

Hollywood Actors | January 18, 2015

Edge Tattoos

Edge or the Rated R Superstar is a persona of style and his tattoos is no different too.

Wrestling | December 18, 2014

Peter Senerchia (Tazz) Tattoos

By professional, former WWE wrestler and color commentator Tazz with original name Peter Senerchia has won many championship. His big body show-up with two tattoos mounted on his biceps.

Athlete | July 12, 2014

Rasheed Abdul Wallace Tattoos

Rasheed Wallace the basketball player has depicted wonderful tattoos that are different in Egyptian style, and it gorgeously portrays his unique character.

Hollywood Actresses | June 28, 2014

Asia Argento Tattoos

Asia Argento has some exotic inking over her intoxicating body and looks more stunning.

Musicians & Singers | May 30, 2014

Heavenli Abdi Tattoos

Heavenli Abdi is a British performer who has a lightning personality and beautiful voice to support it. Her brilliant performance gets a new edge with her tattoo.