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Rasheed Abdul Wallace Tattoos

Rasheed Abdul Wallace the retired professional basketball player from America was born in the year 1974, September 17th. He was in the forward line and played around sixteen National Basketball Association seasons. Rasheed is a native from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to the NBA Wallace played basketball at his college in the University of North Carolina until the year 1995. He was selected as the fourth pick for the NBA DRAFT 1995. After the first season Wallace was shifted to the Portland Trail Blazers. Sheed was treasured as their precious member by the Portland Trail Blazers team and because of his contribution they made it to the Finals to the Western Conference in the year 1999 and also 2000 respectively.

Rasheed Abdul Wallace

The NBA professional star has visible inking permanently decorating his well toned athletic body. Rasheed has a bulldog tattoo on his left arm that portrays his love and admiration for the loyal friend. But the most popular etching of Wallace that has captured the hearts of millions of his fans across the globe is his Egyptian tattoo. This royal inking is placed as right arm tattoo and is a picture drawing of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti along with their children. There is a huge sun tattoo inked above this picture with rays sharp as spikes and ends with hands while drawn below. This represents protection given to the family by the king of Gods, Aten during the Pharaoh Akhenaten’s rule. This tattoo is perfectly placed and blends with the characters of the ambitious player.

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