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Asia Argento Tattoos

Aria Asia Maria Victoria Rossa Argento the Italian singer, actress, director and model was born in the year 1975, September 20th. She has started her acting career by acting in small roles such as in the movie Demons 2 in the year 1986 from the tender age of nine and later also in its sequel. Along with her wonderful accomplishments achieved through cinemas Argento also has written many fictional stories for exclusive magazines in the year 1999 such as “I love you kirk” and more. She has acted in many fantastic movies such as Land of the dead, XXX, and Marie Antoniette. She is a multi talented person, directed music videos, films etc. and has won various awards.

Asia Argento

Asia Argento has intoxicating tattoos that are well placed in perfect locations all over her gorgeous body that has attracted her fan to adore her more. The most noted etching of Argento is her huge angel tattoo that is artistically placed on the lower abdomen and flaunts down her bikini line. It is a piece of exclusive art done by the Belgian painter – Delvaux. However Argento has drawn huge wings on both the sides. The stunning lady said that she has depicted at this particular location of her body because she was concealing it from her dad who was a tattoo hater. Argento has inked the eye tattoo on her shoulders and was done at the age of 14 while she was very high. She has depicted two snakes’ tattoos and later Argento added Sun tattoo. The actress has a name tattoo of her deceased sister ‘Anna’ on her side ribs. Next important art collection include the number tattoo that is inked on the back of her neck. It is her lucky number ‘23’, which she believes to produce positive energy with extraordinary properties of the number.

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