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Female Models | June 27, 2016

Carre Otis Tattoos

Carre Otis is famous among her fans for the beautiful acting and the sexy looks.

Hollywood Actresses | June 5, 2015

Jennifer Blanc Tattoos

Jennifer Blanc is an actress turned producer. She has three beautiful tattoos; one on shoulder, the other on wrist and the last one on feet.

Hollywood Actresses | June 5, 2015

Joely Fisher Tattoos

Joely Fisher got recognition as Miss Golden Globe in 1992. She has few tattoos on body. An angle tattoo and zodiac sign tattoo are the visible one.

Hollywood Actors | December 19, 2014

Aaron Carter Tattoos

At the age of seven, Aaron Carter started his career and become famous for many things including his various tattoos.

Hollywood Actresses | June 28, 2014

Asia Argento Tattoos

Asia Argento has some exotic inking over her intoxicating body and looks more stunning.

Male Musicians | June 10, 2014

Ryan Cabrera Tattoos

Ryan Cabrera the rocking singer has fabulous tattoo collection spread across his well toned body that fascinates his fans in a poetic way.

Hollywood Actors | May 14, 2014

Diddy Tattoos

The extraordinary rapper Diddy has depicted his body with cool tattoos that looks fabulous over his well toned body.

Female Models | March 1, 2014

Heather Morris Tattoos

Heather Morris the American actress and singer is a gorgeous lady with angelic tattoos adorning her sexy body.

Female Musicians | February 8, 2014

Lady Gaga Tattoos

Lady Gaga a wonderful entertainer has inked her sexy body with gorgeous tattoos on her “iggy pop side”. Gaga’s fans are equally inspired by her mesmerizing tattoos that are unique and beautiful.

Male Sports Models | January 31, 2014

David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham is a British football player who loves playing in an artistic manner all over his body in several parts exclusively. Beckham is highly obsessed with tattooing and has more than dozen of them adorning his well toned body.