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Ryan Cabrera Tattoos

Ryan Frank Cabrera the American pop rock singer and musician born in the year 1982, July 18th is a wonderful person. Cabrera hit the heights with his single “On the way down”, which was listed in the top ten hit in USA music industry and the “Take it all away” album gave him global recognition. The pop star has released more albums in the following years such as the “Moon under water” and “You stand watching”.

Ryan Cabrera

Ryan has massive body art collection like the wrist tattoo with the words from the Latin poem written by Horace, -“Carpe Diem”. Meaning of this phrase tattoo is “Seize the day”. There is another inking of a symbol tattoo that denotes his birthday in mayan calendar. A cross tattoo is placed within his forearm and it is encircled within a circle inside which the quote, “Love each other or perish” is written. There is a quote from Romeo and Juliet play about the power of true love, inked as biceps tattoo and it reads as-

“With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls for stony limits cannot hold love out.”

There is a pretty angel tattoo inked on his forearm and Charles Bukowski quote along with a stick figure. And the band Beatles album cover picture as forearm tattoo. There is a chest tattoo on the left side with the word, “Soul” written. Recently Ryan has drawn the picture of Ryan Gosling tattoo as an outcome of the Tattoo roulette.

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