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Michael Stephen “Mike” Portnoy tattoos

This drummer was born in 20th April in 1967. Dream theatre is one of the highly acclaimed all over the world. The band was previously known as ‘Majesty’ and later the members changed the name to Dream Theatre. The artist is renowned drummer and has done several projects with the band and also come up with many other bands. Portney has won around 30 awards as a drummer. He is one of the highly skillful drummer that world has ever seen. This drummer featured in the hall of fame list of Modern Drummers at a very young age. The drummer is known for co- producing six album of the band. Besides his drumming skills the drummer is also known for providing the backing vocals for the band. Father of Portney was a radio DJ previously and his mother died in 1984 in a plane crush. This artist is also known to play various instruments other than drums. The drummer is a good singer has provided his voice in various projects.

Michael Stephen "Mike" Portnoy tattoos

Michael Stephen "Mike" Portnoy tattoosThis artist is a genuine tattoo lover. He has inked various tattoos in his body. There is sun tattoo, abstract tattoo, graffiti tattoos and many others. He has a habit of getting himself inked regularly.

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