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Female Musicians | June 3, 2016

Lindsay Jaylyn Price tattoos

Lindsay Jaylyn Price was born in America on 6th December 1976. She is a renowned actress.

Male Musicians | May 4, 2016

Mike McCready tattoos

Mike McCready is popular among the fans for his beautiful guitar playing.

Female Musicians | April 27, 2016

Bonnie Leigh McKee tattoos

Bonnie McKee is famous among the people for the sake of her exclusive singing quality.

Female Artist | November 3, 2015

Mélissa Theuriau Tattoo

Mélissa Theuriau, a French anchor and journalist has an interest sun / star tattoo on her stomach in addition to a gorgeous figure. This article focus on her as well as on the significance of her tattoo.

Female Musicians | June 15, 2015

Taylor Momsen Tattos

Taylor Momsen is a musician and actress. She has two tattoos, one on the left side of her body and the other on her left hand.

Male Musicians | June 7, 2015

Adrian Young Tattoos

Adrian Samuel Young is an American Drummer and plays for the band No Doubt. Orange County drums and Zildjian cymbals and drum sticks and used by him.

Hollywood Actresses | June 5, 2015

Jennifer Blanc Tattoos

Jennifer Blanc is an actress turned producer. She has three beautiful tattoos; one on shoulder, the other on wrist and the last one on feet.

Hollywood Actresses | June 5, 2015

Kate Hudson Tattoo

Kate Hudson is a popular American actress who has done some of the amazing movie. Her small star tattoo has added a charm to her glamour.

Female Musicians | April 18, 2015

Ashlee Simpson Tattoos

The American singer and actress with a stunning face, Ashlee Simpson, has a fetish for tattoos and has quite a number of them on her body!

Male Musicians | April 15, 2015

Tyrese Tattoos

The popular singer cum actor cum rapper Tyrese has a very good taste of choosing tattoos. He likes to wear unique but meaningful tattoos and fans just love it.

Female Musicians | February 7, 2015

Meshell Tattoo

Meshell is a singer and a song writer also. She has a unique tattoo on her hand.

Hollywood Actors | January 18, 2015

Edge Tattoos

Edge or the Rated R Superstar is a persona of style and his tattoos is no different too.