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Michelle Lynn Johnson tattoo

Michelle Lynn Johnson was born on August 29, 1968, in Berlin, Germany.  During her career, Ndegeocello has been exposed about her bisexuality. She has verbal about her relations with dance master Winifred R. Harris and author and futuristic Rebecca Walker. Ndegeocello has spoken her aversion for the profitable features of music. Her frank persistence upon creative honesty and her snub to record additional commercially feasible music has caused in some spectators assessing her for not recording music that applications to a wider commercial base.

Michelle Lynn Johnson

During her relationship, she made a “Rebecca” tattoo on her neck. She made another beautiful tattoo in her arm that is butterfly. The butterfly is in the round ring. It’s really beautiful to see. Also she has a small green star attends as a punctuation spot beneath her right eye. It looks great in her eye. Intricate Chinese fonts document up her right arm, meaning out “fire over lake,” an orientation to rebellion. Her butterfly tattoo looks very simple but stylish. This tattoo is made by light green and dark shade color. And the butterfly actually situated in a ring or round circle. The wings of the butterfly fill up with dark black color. Another tattoo is located at the right side of the body below the eye. She has a beautiful star tattoo below the right eye. This simple and beautiful star makes her more beautiful.

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