Kid Dash Tattoos

Kid Dash is a proffessional wrestler who was born on 31st of July 1969. His birth name is David Dash but he took up the name Kid Dash as a professional identidity. He is a famous boxer well known to regular fans or viewers of Championships like the Extreme Championship Wrestling and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling. He was also a part of the World Wrestling Entertainment and has become a unique but well recognised wrestling personality. He has earned nicknames like the Notorious K.I.D and Mr.Total Non-stop Attitude or TNA. He started from the year 1996 and till date remains an eminent boxer.Kid Dash Tattoos

Kid Dash has some unique tattoos asis already known by his fans. Both his arms are filled with tattoos and they are all unique and attractive. His arm tattoo is of an intricate design of different symbols and shapes. They add a certain amount of mystique and aura to his personality.

Kid Dash Tattoos

Another notable tattoo Kid Dash flaunts is the script tattoo on the lower side of his arm. This tattoo is otherwise hidden unless he raises his arm. The scripts have names and words which have touched him in some way. His tattoos have a personality of their own and add a deeper layer to his wrestling interior.

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