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Colbie Caillat Tattoos

Colbie Marie Caillat, popularly known as Colbie Caillat, was born on 28th of May, in the year 1985, in Malibu, California. But she grew up in Newbury Park in California. She is an American pop vocalist, lyricist and acoustic guitarist. She first made an appearance in Hollywood in 2007 along with Coco. The album included the hit singles “Figure it out” and “Bubbly”. In the year 2008, she recorded a two part harmony with the famous Jason Marz, which won one Grammy Award. Colbie Caillat finally released her second album, Breakthrough, in 2009’s August. Leap forward was selected for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards in 2010. She was also a part of the band that won Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammys for her magnificent vocals and composing on Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. Caillat has sold in excess of six million albums overall and in excess of ten million singles till date. In the year 2009, she got christened by the Billboard magazine as the ninety fourth best music artists of the 2000–2009 decade. She has also released her third successful album in the year 2013.

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat not only has a lyrical career but also, two very beautiful and feminine tattoos adorning her body. One of them is a leg tattoo on her right leg which is a beautiful flower tattoo. The flower tattoo gives a warm spring-ish feel that remains with her even in the winters. The other tattoo that she has involves a little more work and is an arm tattoo in the shape of a bird carrying a ring. The blue bird tattoo is very beautiful.

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