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Devendra Banhart Tattoos

Without any doubt Devendra Banhart is an interesting man. From his music to his to his tattoos, Devandra has the ability to keep everyone entertained and hooked. Let’s start with this name. Upon being born in 1981 of May 30th, the name Devendra was given to him by an Indian religious leader and the name is taken from a name of Lord Indra. But he introduces himself as Devendra Obi Banhart and the name Obi is inspired by the Star Wars character. His vocal artist loves playing piano and guitar and has contributed greatly to the genre lo-fi, Freak folk, New Weird America, latin, folk rock and also psych folk from the year 2002.

Devendra Banhart Tattoos

Devendra Banhart Tattoosq

Now let’s talk about the tattoos, despite of having so many tattoos, his most famous tattoo has to be the line tattoos which he has on both of his arms. Now what makes this tattoo interesting is the design and color of it. It is just plain and simple four consecutive line one below the other in the color red. Upon being asked about the meaning of this tattoo he simply said that it means balance and the next day it could have another meaning too. Due to this philosophy of his on his tattoo it is very hard to say which tattoo means which but for now his arm tattoos mean balance. His stomach tattoo is also a very interesting tattoo as it is of a bull. There are some which speculate that it is because of his interest in Indian religion form childhood and there are many which do not support this theory. But whatever the case, everyone loves his bull tattoo.

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