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Female Models | June 23, 2016

Nika Ostoic tattoos

Nika Ostoic is a famous model and she is popular among the fans for her excellent capacity of screenplay writing.

Female Musicians | January 12, 2016

Suzanne Shaw tattoo

A multi-talented lady, she has been to all these profession for many years and is liked by many people. She has also got a tattoo, which has a special meaning.

Wrestling | November 20, 2015

Billy Kidman Tattoos

Billy Kidman is a former professional American wrestler who later turned into a wrestling producer. He flaunts two tattoos, one near his navel and the other one on his calf.

Female Musicians | June 13, 2015

Kelis Tattoos

A famous American singer and song writer, Kelis Rogers’ single hit Milkshake still echoes in everyone’s ears. She is also a certified chef from the premier Le Cordon Bleu.

Football | January 17, 2015

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Tattoos

Zlatan Lbrahimovic is a very well known Swedish Footballer who is known for his personality and his tattoos.

Hollywood Actors | January 16, 2015

Chris Evans Tattoos

Chris Evans is one of the most popular actors and has got the sexiest body. Also, he is one of the talented person in the film industry.

Wrestling | January 7, 2015

Rey Mysterio Tattoos

Rey Mysterio is known for creating history. One can tell that he loves tattoos just by looking at him.

Male Musicians | December 9, 2014

Devendra Banhart Tattoos

Devendra Banhart is definitely one of the talented musicians in the genre new weird America. But his tattoo is also a topic of discussion too.

Athlete | July 12, 2014

Kerri Lee Walsh Tattoos

Kerri Walsh is a beach girl has a cute little permanent ink depicted on her gorgeous body.

Hollywood Actresses | June 24, 2014

Denise Van Outen Tattoos

Denise Van Outen the blonde bombshell actress looks more youthful and attractive with her couple of elegant tattoos.

Musicians & Singers | May 30, 2014

Heavenli Abdi Tattoos

Heavenli Abdi is a British performer who has a lightning personality and beautiful voice to support it. Her brilliant performance gets a new edge with her tattoo.

Uncategorized | February 20, 2014

Mike Tyson Tattoos

Mike Tyson the boxer has fascinated the world and grabbed some special attention with interesting tattoos collections adorning his body especially the face tattoo.