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Kelis Tattoos

Born as Kelis Rogers in 1979, Kelis Rogers Mora is an American singer, songwriter as well as a chef certified by Le Cordon Bleu. Although her first few albums didn’t do well, in 2003 she came up with Tasty which was a huge commercial success. Her hit single Milkshake is still unanimously regarded as her best song ever! Since then, Kelis has received numerous accolades, including one at the Brit Awards and the Grammy Awards Ceremony, to name a few.

Kelis Tattoos

Kelis is not only well known for her music but also for her body arts! As of now, she has got four visible tattoos on her body. But the one which steals our views is a giant but colorful Japanese flower design that initiates on her buttocks and goes up all the way to her shoulders. No matter whether you like or dislike her, you’ll surely fall in love with this buttock tattoo!

Another tattoo which never fails to go unnoticed, especially during her concerts, is the butterfly symbol drawn prettily on her stomach. The stomach tattoo is done in black n white and quite intricately so, and increases her sex appeal to a whole new level! She is a rocking diva and loves to flaunt that she is being inked.

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